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Wholesome Greens, LLC goes digital and online

This is our first post. Hello World! Welcome everyone to the Wholesome Greens blog. Look for more great blogging as we continue to develop our new website and get some great content out there for the masses. We look to help inform and educate everyone on healthy food, living and working within our own local communities.

Wholesome Greens, LLC is a artisinal suburban farm in Wilmington, NC. Our passion of growing and producing our own food here on a 1/2 acre suburban homestead has led to the creation of Wholesome Greens, LLC in April 2015. We are currently a 2 member team, Joe Choi and Nicholl Gleason. The dream of being able to support ourselves with our passion and talents of producing the highest quality, most beautiful and best tasting food we have ever experienced pushed us to start Wholesome Greens. The centerpiece or primary focus of our business if currently microgreens. We got into microgreens since it doesn't require a lot of land for production and considered it another function/revenue stream to incorporate into the farmstead. We started growing micros in our greenhouses but the June heat of 2015 soon proved that to be a bad idea. Our micros production was moved indoors to provide a more controlled environment.

With microgreens at the top of our product list we also sell culinary herbs, edible flowers and produce. There is a small layer flock of Highland Red chickens. They produce eggs and we put them to work making compost and turning scraps into food. We are not certified organic nor wish to be. More on that later. We do practice organic techniques and pride ourselves on being able to grow clean, nutritious and tasty food. We try to be as sustainable and earth friendly as we can. We reclaim many truckloads of tree trimming from our local arborists for mulch, compost and chicken bedding every year. We compost vegetable scraps from some of our restaurants to enrich our compost and keep recyclable organic matter out of our landfills. We wash and reuse grow trays for micros and use corn based packaging for cut products like micros and flowers. With the eve of spring upon us this is a very busy and exciting time preparing for the upcoming growing season. We look forward to serving our local community and plan to bring some great new products. Thanks to all who read and support us.

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